Week 10 – My Audit of My Blog

~ I wrote 16 posts on my blog.
~ I had 10 school-based, 5 of my own interests, and 1 Challenge
~ 15 classmates commented, 11 teacher comments, 6 overseas comments and 3 parent comments
~ I received the most comments on ‘The Most Important Things’, because I was very detailed and put a lot of effort into my blog.
~ I enjoyed writing about ‘All About Me’ the most. The reason I enjoyed it the most is because I can express myself.
~ I did not change any any blog themes.
~ I have 6 widgets. I would like to have more.
~ I have 5 overseas students on my blogroll.
~ I use the Revolver Map on my blog to see how many people look at my blog.

My neighbor, Laura, sat down and looked at my blog. She said:

“Your blog is creative and I’m so impressed! I loved the Avatar and widgets. I had no idea what a widget was until you told me. I was not distracted by your blog at all. I learned a lot. I would recommend checking your spelling. I would suggest revisiting your blogs down the road, so you can remember things you posted and remind yourself of the things you said you would do.”

My favorite game Yu-Gi-Oh

Yugioh_TCG_2011_Logo Yu-Gi-oh is my favorite card game. It is when you have a duel disk. It goes on your arm. Your cards will have either monsters, spells and traps. When you draw, you do not know what card you will get. It was created in 1998. The card game has sold to 25 billion cards players around the world. I hope you like my post.

Update: I am getting my first set of Yu-Gi-Oh cards today, May 25th. I am so excited. I would like to show my friend/neighbor, Ethan , how to play. It will be too hard for my sister to learn. I hope to collect a ton of them eventually.

I’m most interested in the Hololens invention from 2015

I think Hololens is the most interesting and important 2015 invention. It can do so many great things, such as:

~ Makes all video games 3-D, which gamers will love;
~ It will help swat teams simulate crime scenes, so they solve crimes;
~ It can help you deal with stress by relaxing your mind and body;
~ It also helps scientists simulate different settings, eliminating testing on living animals or human cadavers.

It has multiple purposes, but most of all, I think it would be fun to use while I play my games! For these reasons I think is most important invention.

Legoland California here we come!


My family and I are going to Legoland in California this summer. It will be our first time visiting Legoland. There is a waterpark, Castle Hill, Land of Adventure, Mini Land, Fun Town and Imagination Zone. I will be going with my dad, mom and sister. I wish my uncle, aunt and cousin could go too. We will fly on an airplane and stay at a hotel on Legoland. I’m super excited to ride all the rides and have fun with my family.




Kindness Inspires Me

It makes me feel happy when people are kind to me. It makes me want to be better at things when people encourage me to do my best. For example, I have the best basketball teammates. They always cheer me on. It makes me feel good. I want to cheer them on in return. My parents always tell me that I have a kind heart. I treat people the way I want to be treated. I wish people were more kind to each other. Kindness would make the world even better.kindness1


“Jayhawks” is the name of my basketball team. It is my first time playing on a basketball team. My favorite part of playing is trying to score. We have two coaches, Coach Bob and Coach Shannon. They are nice and know what they’re doing. It’s fun playing with my team. My friends and neighbors, Ethan and Jordan, went last Sunday to watch me practice and play. They cheered me on, which made me happy. My mom shouted a lot to encourage me to “make myself available” to get the ball passed to me. Sometimes it’s hard to get the ball. Coach Bob taught us to clap when we want the ball. I love to play Basketball.

My New Year’s Resolutions


Would you like me to tell you about my New Year’s Resolutions?

1. I will go out for a walk every day.
2. Eat healthy food like apples and bananas.
3. Read for 90 minutes every day during the week.
4. Listen to Ms. Fordyce every week.
5. Do my homework every week.